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If you struggle with:

  • People pleasing

  • Never feeling good enough

  • Downplaying your achievements

  • Perfectionism

  • Social anxiety

  • A loud inner critic

  • Difficulty being vulnerable

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In this TWO DAY masterclass, you will learn...


To Understand the Roots of the this Fear: You will gain insight into how the fear of being seen is shaped by early life experiences, attachment styles, and other impactful relationships. This understanding is crucial in recognizing why the fear emerges and how it influences behavior and self-perception.

The Role of Safety: Above all else, the human body is built to survive and many of the things we struggle with today are layers of survival strategies that we needed at an earlier age or time in our lives.


Mindfulness-Based Tools to help you identify triggers and observe related thoughts and feelings. These practices help to create distance between the self and unhelpful beliefs in service of taking action based on values vs. fear.



Parts Work Techniques: Through parts work, participants will learn to identify and understand the various internal parts that contribute to their fear of visibility. This approach fosters internal dialogue and compassion, enabling individuals to address and soothe their fears from a place of understanding and kindness.


Trauma-Informed Practices: The masterclass will introduce trauma-informed practices and exercises that help in managing and healing the fear of being seen. Participants will learn grounding techniques and strategies to create a sense of safety within themselves, facilitating a more comfortable relationship with visibility.

About Me

Dr. Deniz Ahmadinia is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY29915) with nearly 14 years of clinical experience. She has a private practice in Beverly Hills, where she specializes in trauma, anxiety, and mindfulness-based approaches. 

With emphasis on treating complex trauma and attachment issues, Dr. Deniz integrates evidence-based therapy with somatic healing and parts work to address the whole person, mind-body-spirit.

To learn more about her qualifications, background and experience, click here.

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Fear of Being Seen Masterclass DAY 1 & 2

Fear of Being Seen Masterclass DAY 1 & 2

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