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Psychodiagnostic assessment (testing) identifies and clarifies mental health concerns through a combination of interviews, self-report measures and psychological batteries. A psychodiagnostic evaluation is often requested when an individual or treating provider would like to know more about presenting issues, clarify potential diagnoses, gain knowledge about how problems may have originated or developed, and to explore targeted treatment options. This type of assessment will provide a comprehensive clinical picture that helps the person to have a better understanding of themselves and their interpersonal relationships and provide a treatment plan for clinicians to facilitate the most effective care.

All assessment services include treatment recommendations, treatment planning, and referrals. 


As one of Dr. Deniz's areas of expertise is in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), she is also able to provide assessments geared towards identification and treatment of trauma-related disorders.


What to Expect:

Dr. Deniz will meet with you for an initial session in which she will gather all relevant history, background information, and current symptoms. The assessment will be designed specifically for your needs and the referral question. Testing sessions may include a diagnostic interview, self-report measures, questionnaires for family members or friends, and full psychological assessments.  Dr. Deniz will then write a report which can take a few weeks and a final feedback session will take place where she will review the results with you, along with recommendations for treatment, referrals, and brief psychoeducation on diagnosis and symptoms.

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